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Contribute to society

More and more companies feel that it is a great thing to contribute to society; a wonderful development! Moreover, employees increasingly indicate that they want to be able make a difference in the world during their work hours.

Get in touch with us to find a charity that fits your company. In that way, we can find great initiatives in the neighbourhood to do good with your colleagues.

Why join?

  • Show that you are a committed employer,
  • Potential and existing employees are finding impact increasingly important,
  • Make sense of your CSR/SDG policy,
  • Gain access to a wider network,
  • Gain positive media coverage,
  • Enhance corporate image,
  • Team building promotes cooperation,
  • Helping makes you happy,
  • Getting involved is very simple because we help you with our expertise!

This is how you can help


Support organisations on a flexible, one-time or structural basis

Share knowledge

Share your knowledge with organisations

Donation of goods

Such as office supplies
CSR utopia

Volunteering as a CSR, MVO, SDG or social return measure for your company

Volunteering is a great way to increase employee engagement and to contribute to society as a company. It is fun, too! We can help you to find activities that fit your company and employees wishes. Whether you want to work together with an existing organisation or set up your own project.

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