What do we do?

Our continued mission is to empower the Voluntary sector to deliver sustainable change by ensuring those in need are supported enabling communities.


We help volunteers in their search for activities in the community by using the volunteering vacancy bank. This extensive database help you to easily find volunteering opportunities that fit you.

Besides that, we make sure that local charities can use our technology and have access to all kinds of useful online tools. In this way, organising good deeds becomes easier. Furthermore, the volunteering vacancy bank helps organisations to get in touch with volunteers in the community..

Are you curious what we could mean for you? We are always happy to get to know you! By clicking the button below, you can get in touch with us. We would be happy to meet you in person to share knowledge and ideas about volunteering!

What we do at volunteer centre utopia

Volunteering opportunities

Age UK volunteering opportunities

** Friendship Volunteers WANTED **
We are in need of volunteers for our Telephone Befriending and Sharing ...
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Volunteering at Sacrewell Farm


Volunteering in Peterborough
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Thank you to Roger Kaye for his song in support of the Poverty Truth Commission

What is a Poverty Truth Commission?

‘Nothing about us, without us, is for us,’ is the ethos of every ...
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