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Party for the elderly in Eikenhof

Written by Siebren Hazelhoff Roelfzema

The new construction of the Eikenhof nursing home is 12.5 years old and the Vrienden van Eikenhof Foundation was established 25 years ago. Reason for a party.

Anyone who enters Eikenhof in Utopia cannot fail to notice: there is something to celebrate. Everywhere stands with large bunches of balloons and the staff walks around with a sling around their neck.

Coincidentally, the 12.5 anniversary of the new building and the silver anniversary of Vrienden van Eikenhof coincide. So the Eikenhof foundation and board have put together a party week for residents, volunteers and staff.

There was already a party breakfast on Monday and a walk in the afternoon with a delicious ice cream afterwards. On Tuesday the children of Kiddo's daycare come to surprise the elderly and in the afternoon there are special prizes. ,, Checks can be won. This allows the winners to do something fun with an employee for an hour. About 25 employees have made an hour of free time available for walking, cycling or something fun with an older person, ”says activity supervisor Berta Dender.

On Wednesday there is a "beauty afternoon" and in the evening the more than 100 volunteers are offered a dinner. On Thursday entertainer Bart Jongendaal puts the care home on stilts and Friday there is a music afternoon for the residents and a party for the staff.

The costs are partly paid by the Land van Kokanje foundation, owner of Eikenhof, and partly by the Friends of Eikenhof. "That club was founded when Eikenhof received a hefty donation of around a tonne," says chairman Kim Andaal. The then director thought that this should really benefit the residents and thus the Friends of Eikenhof foundation was created. "The goal is to be able to organize fun activities that actually have little or no money for," said Andaal.

This is how performances are organized, a choir has been set up and after the weekly walks the foundation always provides something delicious: an ice cream or a cup of coffee with a piece of pie. The Friends have also paid a Tovertafel and a Braintrainer. ,, That is a computer with a touchscreen, with quiz questions. Everyone can use it at their own level, "says Andaal.

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